The Debt Threat Worsens

On top of yesterdays bad news about inflation and jobs we now learn that the price of crude oil, , having hovered just below $100 a barrel for several weeks has broken through the psychological barrier and looks set to race towards its previous peak of $120 a barrell. ‘Crude’ is the essential raw material on which industry, acriculture and the commercial sector all rely. It’s price affects the price of everything else so on top of …
Price Of Crude Oil Rises

If you’ve heard of hedge funds and toxic debt you might well think these are the most evil manifestations of the financial markets that plunged our economy into the abyss. Unfortunately there are far more fearsome demons, arbitrage, short selling and naked short selling. Anyine wanting to know how insane pertsonal gred has made the people who are supposed to prudently invest our savings and pension fund money in currency, bond, commodities, stocks or any other financial market this is a must read.
Getting Naked In The Financial Markets

Was the credit crunch as the media called it really caused by the geed and incometence of the banks and the inabiliy of us ordinary punters to manage our affairs. Or was it all due to the financial madness of politicians who engineered a a system that depended on infinite growh in a world of finite resources.
Financial Madness

Workers Hit By Wage Cuts As Prices Rise
Earnings have dropped to a five-month low, the Office for National Statistics said. Average weekly earnings in the UK stood at just 1.8pc against a notional base in December 2010, down from 2.1pc the month before. Workers were paid an average £456 a week in total in December.
Jobs and Wages Hit Living Standards


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