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Macron’s ‘Deplorables’ Moment? French NWO Candidate Brands 8m Le Pen Supporters ‘Hateful Cowards’

May 5, 2017

Front – runner in the French Presidential election and pro-Federal-Europe establishment candidate, the former Goldman Sachs banker Emmanuel Macron has lashed out at his opponents supporters, branding them “anti-France” and “true enemies”.
In a moment resembling Hillary Clinton’s infamous “deplorables” comment, M. Macron took to the stage at a 10,000-strong rally in Paris to dub Front National the “anti-France party”, branding their supporters “fearmongerers” and “extremists”.

It is not the first time M. Macron, a former Investment banker with Goldman Sachs has shown his contempt for working and middle class French people, but amazingly, and largely thanks to a propaganda war of dubious legality waged by globalist organisations funded by billionaire George Soros, he still leads in polls. Still we know from brexit and Trump how reliable polls are these days.

Macron’s ‘Deplorables’ Moment? French NWO Candidate Brands 8m Le Pen Supporters ‘Hateful Cowards’


Syria: Russian Intervention Exposes Coalition Lies.

October 9, 2015

Since we started publishing news and opinion pieces as Little Nicky Machiavelli back in 2005 we have been steadily chipping away at the propaganda that passes for mainstream news in the western oligarchies (democracy died a long time ago). There was a wall of denial around the real terrorist nations of course, and with the same few global corporations controlling media (and havily influencing government) in all the so – called democracies, the task we new media journalists set ourselves was akin to demolishing The Great Wall Of China by headbutting it.

Still, if you keep headbutting a wall long enough it will fall because erosion and tectonic place movement will come to your aid.

It was not natural forces however, but a political reawakening of the people in the west, plus the obdurate refusal of Russia and China to bow to American diktat that eventually shook the mountains. Now the foundations of the control system have been loosened, how speedily the lies of the US / UK / Eurpean Union ‘Ministry of Truth’, about the Syrian situation are unraveling since the intervention by Russia in support of President Assad’s government in Syria (Assad is the legitimate President no mstter how much Barack Hussein Obama and hos co – religionists in the Saudi and Qatari royal houses dislike the fact.

On 24th September last year UK Prime Minister David Cameron addressed the United Nations, promising British aircraft based in the eastern Mediterranean (Cyprus) would target IS/ISIL/ISIS in Iraq adding unequivocally that there would be no similar action in Syria and absolutely no “boots on the ground.” Cameron also said, off the record, that he would do anything to get rid of Assad.

Referring to Iraq the Prime Minister added that the West should not be frozen by “past mistakes.” If Iraq is a “mistake” how bad a fuck up would be needed for him to consider something a catastrophe.

Cameron was not entirely honest. In 2013 Parliament voted not to be involved in Syria, making him the first Prime Minister in 200 years to lose a Parliamentary war vote but British politicians knew the public had not forgiven the establishment for the faked evidence Tony Blair used to justify following the USA to war in Iraq in 2003. If Cameron had hustles is into another war in his desperation to kiss Obama’s arse he would not have lasted as Prime Minister until the end of the day let alone the end of his term.

An invasion of Syria would have been another illegal action anyway, since the FUKUS axis (France UK, US) had not been invited by the Syrian President or government and had no UN mandate to intervene in Syrian domestic affairs, and following the Libya debacle, Russia and China would not have allowed a US coalition to flout international law a second time.

So what of British air support in the war against (US sponsored terrorist group) ISIS. In July this year it emerged that pilots of Britain’s Air Force have been “embedded” with US and Canadian Air Squadrons and been involved in flying: “intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and strike missions …” according to the Ministry of Defence. In other words, to our national shame, British servicemen are taking orders from American and canadian senior officers.

On 7th September this year Cameron also announced that a British drone strike in Syria had killed two UK citizens fighting with ISIS. What an irony, the UK has enjoined wiping out entire nations (Libya – the democracy citizens were promised after Gadaffi had been deposed is in fact a failed state, its cities reduced to rubble by FUKUS bombing and with no effective government) having accused their leaders of “killing their own people”, terrorists or not, now Cameron kills his “own people” in what Michael Clarke, Director General of the Royal United Services Institute has called a “targeted assassination.”

Those killed were : “… targeted in an area that the UK does not currently regard, legally, as an operational theatre of war for UK forces”, Clarke commented, adding: “The government insisted that, unlike CIA drones, they were never used for targeted assassinations in territories where we were not militarily engaged.” Another government lie pinned.

As for “no boots on the ground”, this is the biggest Pork Pie (rhyming slang – lie) whopping untruth. As Stephen Lendman has written (4): “On 2nd August The Sunday Express revealed: ‘SAS dress as ISIS fighters in undercover war on jihadis’ expanding that:

“ ‘More than 120 members belonging to the elite regiment are currently in the war-torn country’ covertly ‘dressed in black and flying ISIS flags’ engaged in what is called Operation Shader – attacking Syrian targets on the pretext of combatting ISIS.”

A massive pok pie, but not as big as David Cameron’s

It all looks very much like a mirror image of Basra, Iraq, exactly ten years ago, September 2005, when British Special Forces, dressed in Arab clothing, were arrested by Iraqi police in an explosive laden car. Had the car detonated, “Iraqi insurgents” would, of course, have been blamed.

Members of the British occupying force demolished the police station in order to free the would-be bombers. The “insurgency” for which Iraqis (if they were Iraqis how could they be insurgents in Iraq?) were blamed, killed, tortured, and maimed was actually “made in London and the Washington”


NATO violates treaty to support the Evil Empire
Since the Russians got fed up of Obama using his ISIS puppets to attack Russia’s long time ally Syria, exposed American claims they were fighting the ragbag army of fanatics, criminals, mercenaries and ragheads The Ministry Of Truth (i.e. government public relations departments and all of western print and broadcast media) has turned the outrage generator up to eleven in their efforts to demonize Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin.

We Learn More Of The USAs Real Foreign Policy From Wikileaks Than We Do From Washington
Most of the important information needed for understanding current events comes, not from established news media or official government communiques, but from sources that were prepared to risk breaking the law or simply being eliminated for being too troublesome in order to make know to the public certain information that was never intended to be shielded from the public.

Russian Warships Launch Missile Attack On Syrian Targets, Clearing Way For Iran Ground Invasion
In was always going to happen once the Russian air force had softened up ISIS and Al Qaeda positions in Syria. With the opposition on the run (and unconfirmable reports suggesting thousands of ISIS irregulars are desterting) thanks to five days of air bombardment from some of the most advanced strike aircraft in the world, we predicted Iran would …

Biggest US Foreign Policy Failure Since Vietnam: Iran Masses Ground Troops For Invasion Of Syria
In depth look at the biggest USA foregn policy screw up since Vietnam. The God King Obama is exposed as a war monger and neo – Con puppet, the USA is now know as the terrorist state and the positions of Russia and China in the global power stakes. And Assad is still in power in Syria …

All Bombs Kill But Obama Only Denounces Russia’s And Syria’s Bombs
The U.S. government has dropped hundreds of thousands of tons of bombs on Iraq alone in the last dozen years – and even hailed the start of the bombing campaign in 2003 as “shock and awe” – but now has coyly and repeatedly decried the Syrian government’s supposed use of crude “barrel bombs.”

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Sharia law or gay marriage critics would be branded ‘extremists’ under election policy plans, atheists and Christians warn

November 1, 2014

OK, American, Australian and Canadian readers can relax (unless you are politically correct screechers in which case you can eff off) This is a UK election dtory, although it should concern people in all the English nation where the politically correct virus is proving ass disruptive to national life as the Ebola virus in West Africa.
New Extremism Disruption Orders proposed in The Conservative Party manifesto for the 2015 General Election would class secularists or evangelical Christians alongside Islamic state or Boko Haram, campaigners claim. This represents the latest attack on free speech in Britain. from the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Cultural Marxism consensu

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Sharia law or gay marriage critics would be branded ‘extremists’ under Tory plans, atheists and Christians warn

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Britain Out Of Afghanistan By 2014

July 19, 2010

When British Pirme Minister David Cameron meets Barack Obama in Washington this week one of the top items on the agenda will be Afghanistan. So why did the UK’s Department of Defence leak to the press a document suggesting planse for a complete British withdrawal by 2014 had already been drawn up.

Is Cameron trying to distance himself from Obama’s failing administration or do the two leaders just not get on and Cameron is asserting himself in the partnerhip with a weak US President?

British Troops Out Of Afghanistan by 2014

The Elephant In The Election Room

May 1, 2010

Throughout the election campaign the three main parties in the UK general election, Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat have shied away from the immigration issue. How can these charlatans put themselves forward as serious politicians prepared to implement the political solutions needed to deal with Britains problems when they dare not comment on the issue of greatest concern to most voters for fear of upsetting the numerically small but unrepresentatively vocal politically correct “progressive left.”

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Change They Can’t Believe In

January 31, 2010

Guest blogger James Dahlberg does not have his own blog but like our editor Ian T. was recently thrown off a big, pretentious U.S. newsblog after posting a long comment challenging claims made for a dodgy health product. It seems the blog owners do not agree with James and Ian that product placement has no place in what is presented as factual reporting James is on another topic here however. For his first contribution to The Daily Stirrer he looks at how the popularity of Barack Obama, the Yes We Can” man has collapsed from the record levels seen right after his inauguration as President to the latest polls that make him the most unpopular president ever after a year in office. The economy, unemployment, the disatrous health reform bill and weakness on foreign polcy have played a big part but how much is due to the failings of man himself. 

read all Change They Can’t Belive In

The Jobless Economy

January 13, 2010

There is an election coming in the UK and leaders of all three main political parties are talking about “the need for change.”

Why do politicians keep banging on about change when it is clear people do not want change. Talk of change will not win the election for Labour or Conservative, the electorate are sick of change, they want security. And then they want to be rid of the crooks and liars who dominate politics.

 <a href=””&gt; What is it about change politicians don’t get?</a>

What Is It About Change Politicians Don’t Get

January 12, 2010

Politicians are always talking about change, the country needs change, the voters want change, blah, blah, blah…

Why can’t they understand the only change the country needs and the voters want is to see is the end of the current bunches of crooks and liars and some honest, hard working people in their place.

Change Politicians Don’t Get It

Interesting Times

January 6, 2010

May you live in Interesting times goes an old Chinese curse.
It appears we will be living in interesting times for the forseeable future. With governments trying to reinflate the consumerist bubble that led to the global economic meltdown, politicians talking of economic rebound and a speeedy return to the unsustainable growth that led to the debt crisis, central banks peddling junk bonds to raide the money they need to service existing debt, unemployment rising and tax revenues falling while there is a scamble to give $$$trillions of taxpayers money to catastrophe capitalists in the name of saving the planet civil unrest, revolution, runaway inflation and lots of other problenms seem to be queueing up.

Interesting Times