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Lurch Lookalike John Kerry Has More Faces Than Hyrda

April 24, 2013

In a statement marking Earth Day, Secretary of State John Kerry pledges to deal “responsibly with the clear and present danger of climate change.” The former presidential candidate also notes the “fragile planet we share with the rest of humanity and which we must protect for future generations.”
Kerry has more faces than the nine headed Hydra of Greek myth. He tells a barefaced lie about ‘the science’ which is not screaming anything because it has all been exposed as fraudulent, represents a government that passes green resolutions but licences deep sea drilling, oil sand excavations, rare earth metal extraction and sells weapons of varying levels of toxicity to third world terrorists. Meanwhile Kerry’s bosses collude in schemes with big oil and big agri that could easily destroy life on earth. but hry, what does that matter so long as corporate profits. And anyway, the scientists, ever fascism’s whores, say there is no danger.

Geo engineering scam could destroy the planet to save us from global warming