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Young First Time Voters Explain Why they Are Choosing Le Pen

May 5, 2017

The French presidential election campaign has been bad tempered and controversial with two candidates from outside the traditional Republican / Socialist duopoly contesting the final run off. Often described as ‘extreme right wing’ (she isn’t) Front National candidate Marine Le Pen stands for national sovereignty, traditional French values and the preservation of jobs for French workers. Her opponent, the globalist Emmanuel Macron favours globalism, the integration of EU member states into a Federal European superstate and mass immigration from areas with backward, third world cultures.

It should be a no brainer for French voters, but incredibly Macron is favoured to win. Things may not be as clear cut as puntits and polling firms suggest however.

Anti-mass migration French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has, surprisingly, attracted majority support among young voters. Two first-time voters explained why she appeals to them. The pair Sacha T. and Baptiste L, are casting their ballots for Marine Le Pen. They are part of a trend of French youth rejecting traditional parties, complaining that neither the socialists or the republicans speak to the young, Liberation reports.

Young First Time Voters Explain Why they Are Choosing Le Pen


Government intends to repeal 1972 European Communities Act after signing Article 50

January 26, 2017

from The Tap

So the Supreme Court finally published its judgment on whether the Government could trigger Article 50 using prerogative (executive) powers.It was absolutely right for the Prime Minister to appeal to the Supreme Court, contrary to some who have said that the Government wasted money in doing so. After all, the ruling divided into two distinct and important parts. The PM’s critics miss an important point, which is that the court had been asked to rule on the outcome of two of the UK’s High Courts, those of Northern Ireland and separately of England and Wales. The Government needed to establish a clear position on both. In the end, like the curate’s egg it was good in some parts but bad in others.Perhaps the most vital of the issues before the court was whether the UK government had an overriding legal obligation to consult the devolved administrations prior to triggering Article 50. In essence this would have handed enormous power to the devolved administrations. For the Government, this was perhaps the most difficult area for, if upheld by the Supreme Court, then it would have led to long delay and intense and complicated arguments between the devolved administrations and Westminster.

In fact, many believe that the purpose of this demand was to block the triggering of Article 50 completely. Certainly, had the Court ruled in their favour then the process would have ground to a halt, and Article 50 would have likely as not become bogged down in tortuous legal and political debates. To the Government’s relief, that now will not happen.

However, in the second part of the judgment, the Court, in a split decision, ruled against the Government’s appeal. It found that the Government had to legislate before invoking Article 50. This means putting a Bill through the Commons and the Lords which is capable of being amended.

Quitaly? Will Italy follow Britain out of the EU?

With a referendum in Italy, ostensibly on constitutional reforms but perceived as a referendum on the leadership of the ruling elite, looming in November and the anti – globalisation, pro sovereignty Five Star Party growing in popularity all the time. Should the constitutional changes be voted down, and the against campaign is showing a comfortable lead in opinion polls at the moment, it will put a Quitaly in-out referendum, similar to the so called Brexit vote that kick off the process of Britain leaving the European Union, at the top of the agenda.

Europe is at The End of its Existence. Western Europe Is Virtually Dead

The free flow of guns and grenades West is not the main problem Europe faces said the counter – terror expert said. Pointing to the existential crisis Mr. Wrona said: “The worst problem for is political correctness. Europe is at the end of its existence. Western Europe is practically dead. These people live in a void, without ideas. And then come along the young, who [only want] to make money, as once did the barbarians”.

EU Chief Warns of ‘Implosion’ as Trust in Europe Fades

EU leaders show almost every day they are desperate for Britain to vote to remain in the EU, so why do they keep doing things certain to alienate patriotic Britons. It’s bad enough that the idoiots in Brussels want to destroy European civilisation by allowing unrestricted immigration from backward cultures without admitting such backward countries as Turkey so that its 80 million Muslim inhabitans will be able to enter Europe freely.

Dutch Referendum This Week Shows why We Should Leave The EU.

Few of you were aware probably that there is an EU referendum vote in The Netherlands this week. As usual with anything negative about the EU barely a word has been printed in the topic in mainstream media and the silence from our notionally unbiased national broadcaster The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been deafening.

French, Belgians, Dutch, Italians Follow Britain in Euroskepticism

Europeans want us British to lead them out of Europe. Don’t be fooled by project fear, the European Union (aka the Euronazi Federal Superstate) is falling apart. There will not be chaos if we leave, there will be chaos if we stay.

Head Of European Institute: Brexit ‘Better’ For Everyone

Brexit would be the best result of Britain’s in / out referendum for both Britain and the EU i a Belgian professor who heads up the European Institute at the London School of Economics (LSE) has said.

Johnson’s article lines up his reasons why Britain must exit on June 23rd. It’s time to be brave

OK, I know a lot of you think Boris is most accurately described by a word many people find offensive, but he’s put together a very good argument here on why we must leave the EU. Published in part here under ‘fair use’ terms and conditions, in the public interest …

Cameron’s EU Package: Not A Deal But A Few Turns In The Spin Machine
As we and almost everybody else predicted, David Cameron’s deal to improve Britain’s relationship with the EU is worthless. It changes nmothing, and can be vetoed once we have voted to stay in.

Cameron Plays Deal Or No Deal In Europe

David Cameron, who was apparently up all night trying to make other European leaders understand why his country needs a better deal in order to poersuade the prople it is a good idea stay in the EU. Unless Cameron gets what will enable him to sell the idea of surrendering national sovereignty to a Federal European Superstate ruled by a committee of unelected bureaucrats in to the British public he will not campaign for the UK to remain in the bloc

EU Refuses to Block Eurozone Integration to Reach Agreement With UK

Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said at the E?U summit on British membership terms that the European Union wants to reach an agreement with the United Kingdom, but it is not prepared to compromise the banking union (financial integration) or the further integration of monetary union (UK being forced to abandon the pound join the Euro?) to achieve this goal.

Cameron’s EU Deal Worthless. It Can Be Vetoed In European Parliament?
Opinion polls show Britain is evenly divided on the question of whether to leave or remain in the EU, though it has been suggested up to 10 million other voters, many of them women, have yet to make a decision. How they cast their vote will shape the future of the world’s fifth largest economy and the EU itself. But what is really at stake is more important than economics …

Obama’s intervention in UK politics triggers angry backlash
Angry Britons have launched a petition calling for U.S. President Barack Obama to be prevented from speaking in the UK parliament on Britain’s forthcoming referendum on European Union (EU) membership.

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Suppot For EU Declining In Central Europe

March 2, 2016

This is the kind of stuff we and sites like ours have to bring you because you will never see it in mainstream media or on broadcast news.

Voices in the EU calling for lifting the anti-Russian sanctions are getting increasingly loud as the sanctions which European nations were forced into by Brussels and the USA’s Obama administration, continue to hurt the nations that imposed them more than they hurt Russia.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a meeting of the Christian Democratic parliamentary group on February 16 that she would rather today than tomorrow lift the sanctions imposed on Russia. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico put it bluntly saying the sanctions against Russia are nonsense.”The sooner they are removed, the better”, he added.

Europeans are reluctant to continue the sanctions war. The economic situation dictates the adoption of quite a different approach. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban has recently visited Moscow to say he considers it to be a valuable partner. During the visit, he said the industry of Hungary will simply fail without strong economic ties with Russia – a very important and relevant remark. Suffice it to say, that Russia supplies about 80% of oil and 75% of natural gas consumed in Hungary.

Last December, Gazprom extended the contract on energy supplies with Hungarian partners till 2019.

Orban told Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 17 that European Union countries will not automatically extend sanctions over Ukraine. He believed the sanctions will hit the agenda to become a subject of intense debates.

The Business benefits to EU nation, particularly the weaker EU economies are a strong incentive  to European national leaders to defy Brussels and the USA (which is the real threat to world peace, regardless of the propaganda pumped out of Washington in its efforts to demonize Russia) and force a more reasonable approach on the unelected bureaucrats who would establish a Federal European Superstate.

Many national politicians know who will benefit if the trade ties between the European Union and the Russian Federation are suspended. Jean-Pierre Thomas, head of Thomas Vendome Investment, says the punitive measures make his country lose 0.5 percent of possible GDP growth annually. The anti-Russian sanctions were imposed as a result of US political initiative to make Europe bear the brunt of its efforts to punish Putin for supporting ethnic Russian separatists in Ukraine after the US backed neo – fascist government began persecuting Russians living within Ukraine’s border. European trade with Russia is roughly 10 times more than the size of US-Russia commerce so while the USA loses nothing, Europe suffers as all America’s allies suffer at the duplicitous hands oif this international bully. Europe, especially Germany, not the United States, is the one who suffers losses, Jean-Pierre Thomas says.


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German Government Evict Poor Germans From Their Homes For Migrant Asylum Seekers

September 21, 2015

This is a digitally captured video of a news report on Federal German government plans to evict low income and unemployed German citizens from their homes and replace them with Middle Eastern ‘asylum seekers’ (handout seekers). This news story was first broadcast on a German Left-leaning TV station on August 28, 2015. It’s original title: The most poor of the poor have to vacate their homes for asylum seekers.

We have previously reported on pensioners and disabled people in Sweden being evicted from secure housing units that had been reallocated as accommodation for refugees.

How long will it be before the decent people of Europes nations rise up against the treasonous elites who evety day betray the people in whose interests they should govern, evict the ruling class from their luxurious homes paid for by our tax money and exile the croooked fuckers to some third world cesspit where the locals will greet them with open knives, saute the whole sack of rogues and eat them for lunch.

Remember as you watch, this item on problems caused by immigrants was broadcast by a left wing TV news channel and is heavily spun towards sympathy for people who enter Europe illegally and shows little support for the human righhts of German citizens.

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Immigration Composite
Sweden’s Immigration Obsession Drags It Towards Dystopia

German Government Admits it Got Refugee Figures Wrong… Revises Upwards to 750,000 Migrants Expected This Year

August 20, 2015

The number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean and making their way (illegally) through the Balkans to Germany has passed the government’s worst casse estimates. The unprecedented influx has now forced Berlin to hastily revise the figure upwards. Although the German government had already acknowledged the need to revise estimates, the latest number is beyond all expectations …
German Government Admits it Got Refugee Figures Wrong… Revises Upwards to 750,000 Migrants Expected This Year

Rioting Asylum Shelter Inhabitants Scream ‘Allahu Akbar’ as They Attack Police

Not long ago, with this page getting too long we had to make a separate page to cover how Sweden’s loonytoons immigration policy is rapidly turning that once enlightened, liberal nation into a lawless, dystopian failed state. It seems we will soon have to do the same with Germany, where the anger German citizens at they way they are being marginalised as their government prioritizes the interests of migrants, many of whom are in the country illegally.
Rioting Asylum Shelter Inhabitants Scream ‘Allahu Akbar’ as They Attack Police

US Senator Warns America Against Potentially Disastrous Obama Trade Deal

May 4, 2015

by Ed Butt

US Senator Jeff Sessions (Republican-Alabama)is ringing alarm bells in the US congress, warning colleagues and the public about the dangers to democracy, individual liberty, jobs and the health of the nationsl economy possed by the Obama Administration’s flaggship policies, the free trade deals, Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), TTIP (Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and TISA trade deals are fraught with problems and concerns.

He’s not wrong and not being alarmist, TTIP has been a regular theme of Daily Stirrer campaigning articles for over two years (We’re a UK site so TPP is outside our scope, but we have covered it) . Opposition to these corporate friendly treaties, which will free global businesses from the tiresome oblication of gaving to obey national laws if the corporate lawyers feel such laws are likely to adversely affect profits, has united left and right across Europe.

In a memorandum Sen. Sessions told his colleagues, “Congress has the responsibility to ensure that any international trade agreement entered into by the United States must serve the national interest, not merely the interests of those crafting the proposal in secret,”

Sessions’ team then lays out their major concerns with the Obama trade deal, which centre on the rent boy President’s determination to ‘fast track’ his legislation through congress without full debate. Sessions document highlights these points which he says, preclude the passing of this bill without proper scrutiny: “It must improve the quality of life, the earnings, and the per-capita wealth of everyday working Americans. The sustained long-term loss of middle class jobs and incomes should compel all lawmakers to apply added scrutiny to a ‘fast-track’ procedure wherein Congress would yield its legislative powers and allow the White House to implement one of largest global financial agreements in our history—comprising at least 12 nations and nearly 40 percent of the world’s GDP.

“The request for fast-track also comes at a time when the Administration has established a recurring pattern of sidestepping the law, the Congress, and the Constitution in order to repeal sovereign protections for U.S. workers in deference to favored financial and political allies.”

The Sessions document then goes point-by-point for five full pages through the TPA trade deal, laying out why it wouldn’t help Americans—rather, it would likely hurt American workers—and why the deal doesn’t in fact provide Congress with more power over trade despite talking points from the Obama trade deal’s proponents like House Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)

TTIP threat to democracy
TTIP – the back story
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Rebellion Against Globalism – it starts at the Finnish

Supplementary post:

Wikileaks To Reveal more On Obama’s Dirty Free Trade Treaties

from Little Nicky Machiavelli

For at least two years now, from the moment we became aware of the nature of the Obama Administration’s free trade’ deals (which are really about freeing global corporations from competition and legal constraints rather than free trade in any conventional sense,) Little Nicky and his friends at Boggart Blog, The Daily Stirrer, Boggart Abroad and elsewhere (see links at foot of article) have been trying to raise awareness of the biggest threat to individual liberty and national sovereignty since …. well ever.

WikiLeaks has fed up by regularly publishing leaked documents relating to the highly secret Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade treaty negotiations, which are taking place behind closed doors and involve EU and American bureaucrats and corporate lawyers but exclude our democratically elected representatives in national parliaments and assemblies.

Many campaigners tTTIP and TPP feel these treaties, which will give corporate lawyers the ability to rewrite national law in the interests of increasing profitability, are the culmination of a long term policy to establish and unelected global government, a meritocracy of bureaucrats and academics.

Two game-changing trade agreements are now perilously close to completion.

Their basic aims are three-fold: to elevate the rights of “investors,” that is of corporations, above the rights of citizens; to transfer sovereignty from the seats of national government to the corporate HQs of the world’s largest multinationals; and to cement Western domination of the global economy for the foreseeable future.

Naturally, few voters are likely to support such a radical program. Hence the acute need for secrecy, obfuscation and lies throughout the negotiation process. Eventually, even they are not enough. The lies start showing through and the flimsy facade begins to slip. In the later stages — roughly where we are now — the only way to finish the job is to incrementally, almost imperceptibly snuff out the institution of representative democracy itself. To do that, one must still keep the illusion of democracy alive, at least until the ink on its death warrant (i.e. a fully signed trade agreement) is dry.

This explains the European Commission’s constant empty promises of increased transparency, accountability and public consultation. The latest installment in this ridiculous charade came not from Brussels but from the US government, which announced that it will open up reading rooms in its embassies across the EU, so that national politicians can read secret documents related to TTIP.

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks is still banged up in the Ecudorian embassy in London but is still very involved in efforts to raise opposition to the corporate power grab that is going on all over the world with the complicity of elected governments. In an interview with Australian News Agency Fairfax Media, Mr Assange said that while he does not expect to leave the embassy compound any time soon, WikiLeaks very much remains in the business of publishing the secrets of diplomats and spies.

“There’ll be more publications – about large international so-called free trade deals, and about an intelligence agency,” Mr Assange said.

In a wide ranging interview Mr Assange discussed the recent establishment of a secure internet chat system to enable anonymous sources to contact WikiLeaks and the prospective reintroduction of a secure electronic drop box to facilitate the deposit of leaked documents.

Mr Assange said that a key challenge arose from the fact that any website open to receive anonymous leaks was an “exposed front door that becomes a permanent target” for intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

One part of the solution is to embed the instructions and code for the submission system on every webpage so that potential sources would be concealed amidst the estimated 500,000 unique readers who visit the WikiLeaks website each month.

“That gives a source some cover,” Mr Assange said, “but it’s important to understand that the protection of sources requires much more than a single technological fix.”

Little Nicky Machiavelli will keep you informed of developments.

How Mainstream Media And The Major Political Parties Are Making Sure Voters Do not Hear The Voices Of Politics’ Most Powerful Critics
As the General Election campaign starts to heat up, we try to shift focus away from the squabbling between Conservative and Labour about who can make the most promises they have no intention of keeping and to the real issues concerning jobs, social breakdown , mass immigration, and loss of national sovereignty.

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Corporate Capitalism has replaced democracy

Leaked EU – TTIP document: Destruction of Democracy planned

April 29, 2015

by Ed Butt

A new Leaked European Commission proposal which if implemented would form part of the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) treaty currently being negotiated in secret between Brussels and Washington, EU member state legislative proposals will be subjected to vetting by corporate lawyers for potential impacts on private business interests first.

Yes you read it correctly – governments of sovereign nations will need to obtain approval from an unelected bunch of corporate lawyers before they can make laws and policie in the best interests of the people who elected them. As we have been saying for two years, TTIP puts corporate profits above freedom, democracy and the rule of law.

Civil rights and libertarian groups have already denounced this plan as being nothing less than tool to enable corporate business to operate above the law, the references to ‘free trade’ really mean corporate bosses will be free to do as they like. Consumer protection and workers’ rights lobbyists have condemned the “regulatory exchange” plan as an affront to representative democracy. “TTIP is an insult to citizens, elected politicians and democracy itself”, says Max Bank of Lobby Control.

Responsibility for the screening of national legislation proposals will be given to the ‘Regulatory cooperation body’, a permanent, undemocratic, and unaccountable conclave of European and American technocrats. “Both the Commission and US authorities will be able to exert undue pressure on governments and politicians under this measure as these powerful players are parachuted into national legislative procedures. The two are also very likely to share the same agenda: upholding the interests of multinationals,” says Kenneth Haar of Corporate Europe Observatory.

“The Commission proposal introduces a system that puts every new environmental, health, labour, and standard at European and member state level at risk. It creates a labyrinth of red tape for regulators, to be paid by the tax payer, that undermines their appetite to adopt legislation in the public interest,” says Paul de Clerck of Friends of the Earth Europe.

We will have more on this as it breaks.

Read Full TTIP Document HERE

TTIP and the destruction of democracy
New Book Exposes GMO Corporate Fraud
TTIP will make national sovereignty foklore says EU official
TTIP threatens UK National Health Service
Corporate monopoly men want everything
The Euronazi TTIP will kill democracy
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Step By Step We Move Towards War

March 9, 2015

Russia Responds To Threats From EU’s Juncker With Typical Bluntness

Will the European army look something like Dad's Army

When the President of the European Commission, the former Luxembourg first minister Jean Claude Drunkard Juncker recently called for a unified European Army to counter the Russian threat, his words were specifically aimed at “reacting credibly to show Russia that Europe is serious about defending its values” Not surprisingly Russia has responded Juncker’s hot air in a manner which suggests they are amused by the fat little alcoholic’s bluster but regard his threats with contempt.

As Russian news agency TASS reports, first deputy chairman of the United Russia faction in the State Duma, Frants Klintsevich, told the media on Sunday that “in the nuclear age extra armies do not provide any additional security. But they surely can play a provocative role,” adding it was regrettable that such ideas had already found support in European capitals and in Washington.

A report on Juncker’s statement read:

The president of the European Commission has called for the creation of an EU army in order to show Russia “that we are serious about defending European values”.

In an interview with German newspaper Die Welt, Jean-Claude Juncker, who leads the EU’s executive arm, said an EU army would let the continent “react credibly to threats to peace in a member state or a neighbour of the EU”.

Mr Juncker said an EU army would “help us to develop a common foreign and security policy, and to fulfil Europe’s responsibilities in the world”. Nato was not a sufficient protection for the EU as not all EU members are part of the alliance, according to Mr Juncker.

The alleged support the idea found in European capitals was less than unequivocal however. Jan Philipp Albrecht, a German Green MEP tweeted:

“I support Juncker in building an EU army, if it means the termination of all EU member states’ armies and is controlled by the European Parliament,”

German Defense Minister von der Leyen went so far as to note,

“I think what is most important, it shows up in Europe, 70 years after the Second World War – and 70 years ago we were mortal enemies – that today the peace in Europe, in the European Union stands on firm footing, and we step by step, more and more firmly establish our alliances, especially in the security policy. This interweaving of armies with a view to provide also have a European army one day, in my opinion, is the future.”

So clearly some politicians feel the idea is an important step towards ‘ever closer union’ even though it would only create several new layers of bureaucracy and lead to EU bureaucrats demanding hugely increased contributions from member states’ taxpayers. And in spite of all that Russia could still blow away most of the EU’s major cities should our idiotic politicians allow themselves to be duped by Washington into seriously pissing off The Kremlin.

First deputy chairman of the United Russia faction in the State Duma, Frants Klintsevich, told the media on Sunday that “in the nuclear age extra armies do not provide any additional security. But they surely can play a provocative role,”

In other words, don’t bring a knife to a nuclear gunfight.

Klintsevich added it was regrettable that such ideas had already met with some support.

He recalled that the idea of creating a European army had never occurred to anyone even in the years of the acute confrontation between NATO and the Warsaw Treaty Organization.

“These days, when the Warsaw Treaty is long gone, for some reason there has developed a need for that,” he wondered.

“One should presume that a European army is seen as an addendum to NATO. And in this kind of situation Western politicians are not shy to accuse Russia of some aggressiveness.”

Recalling that David Cameron said Jean Claude Juncker was “too federalist” to be EU President we can only wonder how long until the man who has brandy for breakfast calls for the creation of a European-Union-managed nuclear deterrent.

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News from Berlin: Germany Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine

breedlove washington hawk



While the rent boy President Barack Obama pays lip service to the efforts of France’s President Hollande and Germany’s Chancellor Merkel efforts to negotiate a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine crisis, Washington hawks seem determined to torpedo the Franco – German approach. And Gen. Philip Breedlove, NATO’s top commander in Europe, beating the war drums isn’t helping either.

Last Wednesday (4 March, 2015) was quiet in eastern Ukraine, another extension of a period of relative calm. The conflict between the Ukrainian military forces and the pro-Russian irregulars who have been beating off the Kiev government’s genocide campaign against ethnic Russians had largely stopped. Heavy weaponry was being withdrawn under the terms of the Minsk cease-fire which was just about holding together in spite of sporadic outbreaks of firing.

That was how things stood when General Philip Breedlove, the NATO commander in Europe, mounted the podium at a press conference in Washington. Putin, the General said, had once again “upped the ante” in eastern Ukraine with “well over a thousand combat vehicles, Russian combat forces, some of their most sophisticated air defense, battalions of artillery” having been sent to the Donbass.

“What is clear,” Breedlove said, “is that right now, it is not getting better. It is getting worse every day.”

The German foreign affairs department in Berlin was stunned. They didn’t understand what Breedlove was talking about. Not for the first time the German government, supported by intelligence gathered by the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), Germany’s foreign intelligence agency, did not share the view of NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR). It is entirely possible of course that the US Hawks realise they cannot win the Currency War they started with Russia, China and Iran, and the only way to prevent the US dollar being replaced as the global reserve currenvy is by starting a shooting war.

The pattern has become familiar. Since last summer when Washington was thwarted in its bid to provoke the Russians into firing the shot that would start the major war the US military / industrial complex craves, Breedlove has been making provocative but totally unsubstantiated statements on supposed Russian activities in eastern Ukraine, speaking of troop advances on the border, the amassing of munitions and alleged columns of Russian tanks.

Over and over again, Breedlove’s numbers have been significantly higher than those in the possession of America’s NATO allies in Europe. As such, he is playing directly into the hands of the hardliners in the US Congress and in NATO. The German government is alarmed. Are the Americans trying to undermine European efforts at mediation led by Chancellor Angela Merkel? Sources in the Berlin’s Chancellery have referred to Breedlove’s comments as “dangerous propaganda.” Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier even found it necessary recently to bring up Breedlove’s comments with NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg.

But Breedlove hasn’t been the only source of friction. America’s usual suspects, led by Victoria Nuland, head of European affairs at the US State Department, are on record as saying they would like to see Washington deliver arms to right wing nutters they sponsored to overthrow Ukraine’s corrupt but democratically elected government. And these hawks have support among both Republicans and Democrats in the US Congress.

If Obama has genuinely thrown his weight behind Merkel and Hollande’s diplomatic efforts, he has also done little to oppose the warmongers of Washington who seek to increase the likelihood of war with Russia by delivering weapons to Ukraine. Sources in Washington say that Breedlove’s comments are first cleared with the White House and the Pentagon. The general, they say, has the role of the “super hawk,” whose role is that of increasing the pressure on America’s more reserved trans-Atlantic partners.

In relation to conflict in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere, The Daily Stirrer has said all along that those who take the view that The Western Powers wear white hats while the Russians wear black hats are trying to simplify problems to the point of idiocy. The Russians are no angels but the shift towards war has been driven by the USA for over twenty years now. And the hawks in the blogosphere forget that Russia is in a close alliance with China. And to provoke enemies like that is insane. In Britain we need to elect a government that will distance us from American warmongering. Unfortunately all three main parties are committed to ‘the special relationship’ in which sycophantic British Prime Ministers show fawning deference to American Presidents.

Sources: Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, Der Spiegel, The Local

Sources: Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, Der Spiegel, The Local

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The Day Of The Eurodead

December 11, 2011

While we wait for Mario Merkozy and the other Euro rats to eat each other here are a few snippets from the EMU break-up prophecies published in the past few days.

The Dutch bank ING has revised its numbers, calculating that the Greek Drachma would fall by 80pc against the D-Mark in a dismembering of the European Single Currency involving Euro member states reverting to their own currencies.The Escudo and the Peseta would both fall by 50pc, and the Lira and the Irish Punt by 25pc. Germany, INGS says, would suffer a ten per cent reduction in GDP …
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The Day Of The Eurodead

Von Rompuy Pumpy wants to shaft us through the back door

October 29, 2010

Herman von Rompuy, chef of the EU Commission is unfortunately named as he reminds people of that colloquialism rumpy pumpy which means – well use your imagination. Von Rompuy – Pumpuy is now showing signs of getting a bit fetishisic. The National Socialist Government of Federal Europe is making another bid to get its hands on the controls of the member states governments. Yes, that dirty little Belgian bastard Von Rompuy – Pumpuy is trying to use the Lisbon Treaty to transfer sovereignty to the unelected bureaucracy he heads …(read more on Little Nicky Machiavelli blog)

EU budget plan a step towards One World government