Hope Not Hate ‘Exaggerated’ Jo Cox Hate Speech Claims by 3000 Per Cent

A study into the claims made by left-wing group ‘Hope Not Hate‘ has found the organisation exaggerated “hate speech” claims by over 3000 per cent following the murder of Jo Cox MP.

The Economist magazine investigated the claim by the group — led by left-wing political operative Nick Lowles — that 50,000 tweets were sent “celebrating” the murder of the MP or praising her killer.

The investigation concluded: “Hope Not Hate misrepresented the findings of its own report when first releasing it to the press”, adding: “The report itself gave a confusing impression of the number of tweets that celebrated Ms Cox’s murder. We estimate that, in reality, of hundreds of thousands of tweets mentioning the MP by name, the number that celebrated her death was at most 1,500, and probably much lower”.

The news mirrors the story of “anti-Islamophobia” group TellMAMA which lost government funding in 2013 for exaggerating the number of anti-Muslim attacks in Britain. Hope Not Hate has used TellMAMA as a source, even publishing opinion columns by its director Fiyaz Mughal.

The Economist also highlighted how “Britain’s largest newspapers leapt to publish the shocking findings” of Hope Not Hate’s flawed report:

from Breitbart London


The Guardian is wrong about the economy, the environment and the human race.

The quickest way to tug at human heartstrings is to invoke the suffering of cute but perilously endangered animals.

Writing in The Guardian today, John Vidal takes issues with the BBC’s breathtaking new documentary Planet Earth II. Beautiful pictures are all very well. But “after half a lifetime of writing for the Guardian about the decline of the natural world”, he has news for us: there are some big ugly creatures that are wrecking all this.

In fact, “it is now clear that they” – he means humans, in case you hadn’t guessed – “are doing so much damage that unless confronted, there is little chance that the rest of the animals, including us, will survive very long”.

It’s certainly true that the picture Vidal paints isn’t a pretty sight. But that’s because he manages to invert absolutely every connection between the economy and the environment.

First up, he complains that there are too many of us and that we’re all too rich – the fault of “hyper-consumerism”, apparently. To save the world, we must be poorer and fewer.

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