Officially Confirmed: Turkey is Blackmailing the EU On Migrant Crisis’

When Hausfrau Volksfuhrer Merkel and EU top unelected bureaucrat Jean Claude Juncker were cooking up their corrupt deal with the blackmailer and terrorist supporter Recep Erdogan, the President of terrorist state Turkey, this blog and many other new media news sites were quick off the mark in pointing out the obvious problem with welcoming paying the gangster President Erdogan for help with controlling the migrant flow into Europe and fast tracking Turkey into the European Union.

For starters, Turkey it was widely known (to everyone except politicians, government bureaucrats and mainstream media) that Turkey has been the primary enabler of ISIS and other terrorists, illegally factoring stolen oil from wells in occupied territory (a trade in which menbers of Erdogan’s family were involved) as well as transporting weapons shipments to ISIS and Free Syrian Army (the human organ eaters barack Obama describes as ‘moderate rebels’.

By helping to destabilize Syria and thus being a big player in creating the Syrian conflict and by extension the EU ‘migrant crisis’, Turkey has been blackmailing Brussels over a problem it helped to create in the first place. Several payments of billions of Euros have been made to Turkey by the EU and political favours promised in retiurn for ‘help with the migrant crisis’, help which has not been forthcoming. Each broken promise from Turkey is followed by threats and demands for more money and concessions.

Now at last, we have proof that Turkey is blackmailing the EU. It has been provided by the Turkish government itself in a press statement from the Turkish Foreign Affairs Department:

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