Why Should Britain Take advice From A Failed President

Barack Obama did his legacy no favours this week when, having his been persuaded by his bum chum Dave to intervene on the side of the REMAIN campaign in the EU rReferendum, instead of adopting the tone of a non – partisan bystander simply offering an opinion, his efforts to persuade British voters to vote REMAIN contained veiled and unveiled threats.

Janet Daley, an American by birth now resident in Britain wrote an excelent pice on it for The Daily Telegraph:

Why should we take advice from a president who has surrendered the world to chaos?

I wonder who in Downing Street briefed Barack Obama’s team on the wording of his friendly warning to the British. Somebody obviously pointed out that the population of this country retained a quaint obsession with the Second World War, and would therefore treat any reference to the glorious dead as irreproachable. So the President invoked the European graves of those American servicemen who died to protect – well, what exactly?

I thought it was the democratic values and reverence for national independence that Britain shared with the US. Did Mr Obama have any sense at all that what he was now urging the British electorate to accept was precisely the surrender of those sacred principles of democratically accountable government and self-determination for which the combined American and British forces had made their ultimate sacrifice?

Read the rest of this at The Daily Telegraph

It was, even by Obama’s usual Bizarro World standards a weird and ill informed statement. As anyone who knows any 2-th century history ought to be aware it was not the arrival of American troops that broke Hitler, but the Russian winter.

If we extract Obama’s La-la land babbling his advice on our future relationship with the EU came down to trade advantages and the global interests of US corporate capitalism. Mr Obama even made specific reference in his article in Friday’s Daily Telegraph to the importance of current negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which would reduce barriers to US business interests in the European Union, although on that he was either lying or idiotically ignorant of what is going on (EU-US Trade Deal Close To Abandonment As Yanks Refuse To Lift Protectionism says German trade minister)

On the same day as Obama uttered his utterly stupid remarks, 38 Degrees – a militant faction in the public sector unions – took out full-page newspaper adverts campaigning against the adoption of TTIP (“…no trade deal should give corporations more power than people”). If the Labour Left were not in such disingenuous disarray, they could be making political capital out of this, but unfortunately the lifelong student activist Jeremy Corbyn , like other recent labour leaders, has become besotted with wealth and power and is toeing the establishment line, albeit half heartedly. In any event, unnamed US trade officials were being ominously quoted as saying that, in the event of Brexit, there would be no question of ‘Britain being too small to have a separate trade deal with the USA because Oman and a number of small nations already have such free trade deals.


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