Merkel Should Braced For Disaster As Polls Conflict On Election Prospects

The results of Sunday’s regional elections in Germany may become a disaster for Chancellor Angela Merkel, according to the German news network Deutsche Welle.

Regional elections in Germany are more unpredictable than ever before, and they could have a big impact on the fate of Chancellor Angela Merkel and her party, the Christian Democratic Union, Deutsche Welle reported,   according to opinion polls ahead of Sunday’s regional elections in the country.

Also, the state legislature elections of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt may affect the balance of power in the federal government, German political commentators predict. Merkel heads a fragile coalition dependent on the support of several smaller parties. If the Chancellor becomes a liability these may desert the government leaking Merkel vulnerable to a ‘no confidence’ vote.

When asked how she was preparing for the Sunday elections, Merkel, in turn, admitted that she “will have to keep her fingers crossed.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivers a speech during a reception at the chancellery in Berlin, Germany, Monday, Dec. 7, 2015 to mark the 60th. anniversary of the arrival of the first migrant workers in Germany. Slogan reads 'in Germany'.
© AP Photo/ Michael Sohn

Deutsche Welle reported that the Sunday elections could see the ever-increasing popularity ratings of the right-wing German party Alternative for Germany (AfD), which finished third in municipal elections in the country’s central state of Hesse on March 6 propelled to power in state legislatures. It is unlikely Germany would see a ‘grand coalition’ of socialist and conservative such as was cooked up inin France’s regional election to keep the anti – immigarant, anti – EU party Front National, which won the popular vote, out of power.

The stitch up has in fact increased the popularity of Front National and pushed France closer to civil unrest.

If the AfD manages to make it to the parliaments of the three German states, this populist anti-immigrant party will be able to block the German government’s decisions in the future, Deutsche Welle pointed out.


Infighting? Germany’s Ruling Coalition Deeply Divided Over Migration Policy

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