Euroskeptics Slam ‘Dodgy Data’ as UK Govt Warns of Brexit Economic Problems

The UK government has been accused of lacking “self-confidence” following the release of a report warning of an “economic shock” if Britain left the EU. Euroskeptics have dismissed the findings as nothing more than a “dodgy dossier” and MPs have continued to trade blows over the Brexit issue.

The government warned that plans to exit the bloc would leave the country “weaker, less safe and worse off” in a report exploring Britain’s potential post-EU options.

Investigating the respective EU agreements negotiated between Norway, Switzerland and Canada, the government’s “detailed assessment” warned that British businesses would face long periods of uncertainty if the country was to vote to leave the bloc in June’s referendum on EU membership.

Despite the government warnings, Euroskeptics criticized the findings as being overly pessimistic. Leader of the Commons Chris Grayling described the findings as lacking “self-confidence”, while rebel minster Iain Duncan Smith revived memories of the Iraq war by labeling the report a “dodgy dossier.”


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