From The Bloated Big State A Mighty Trump Burst Forth

Many American’s, both mainstream Republicans and Democratic Party voters from the socially conservative wing of the party to the lunatic fringe who believe the way to restore economic prosperity is to export all the jobs to the third world and import all the illiterte third world peasants who should rightfully become statistics in the scientific proof of Darwinian evolution to live on welfare payments funded by taxing ‘the rich’ (who are really very poor but whose needs for luxury yachts, stays in five star hotels transport by chauffeur driven Bentley Continentals and are looked after by shell companies in Bermuda, The Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, The Isle Of Man and such places), cannot understand why so many apparently reasonable people support Donald Trump.

To the left he has become an even more potent hate symbol that Sarah Palin, to the right he is a maverick and a loudmouthed clown with a ridiulous haircut (perfect qualifications to be a rapper if only he was black.) But few intellectuals or members of the political elite or the medic circus can understand why people are supporting him. Unfortunately the elie and the media luvvies and Hollywood attention junkies are too far out of touch with reality to ever understand.

Indianapolis residents Jon and Elsa Sands wrote to The FT (Financial Times, London’s financial newspaper) to explain why they are voting for Trump…

Sir, My wife and I are affluent Americans with postgraduate degrees. We are socially liberal and fiscally mildly conservative. We are not the sans-culottes you see as the prototypical Trump voter. We are well aware of his vulgarity and nous deficiency yet we contemplate voting for him. Why?

Electing the standard-bearer of the Democratic Party seems purposeless. The neanderthal Republicans barely respected the legitimacy of Bill Clinton’s or Barack Obama’s election, let alone that of Hillary who would arrive tainted with scandal and the email lapses hanging over her head. We would get four years of gridlock and “hearings”.

The Republican tribunes, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, are backward, foolish and inexperienced. John Kasich, a moderate with extensive governmental experience and a willingness to compromise, is an also-ran.

That leaves The Donald, really a moderate in wolf’s garb, who would owe nothing to either party and might strike deals, for instance on tax reform.

Yes, we could be like the good citizens who voted for a “tameable” Hitler in 1933 to get things back on track. But the alternatives look worse.

As I have said many times, Trump’s success is nothing to do with the man and his politics (or his haircut) and everything to do with the anger ordinary people like the coupe above feel at the way the political, business, media and academic elite have betrayed their interests in order to set up a new elite that looks to be even more aloof, exclusive and detached from the lives of ordinary people as the medieval aristocracy or the Roman Patricians ever were.

Trump’s success, and that of Bernie Sanders are not reflections on the high quality of the two candidates although I do think by the standards of modern politics Bernie Sanders is an honest and principled man) but a disgusted rejection of the also rans in the Republican contest and fear of the absolutely abysmal Hillary Clinton for the Democrats.

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