Climate Change Profiteers Have Created a $53 Billion Market Based On Fearmongering

from Natural News

It used to be that pharmaceuticals were one of the biggest profiteering frauds in the global market (besides warmongering). But “climate change,” and the ever-present fear of it, has created a whole new market for carbon dioxide “trading,” that analysts at Thomson Reuters Point Carbon say is now worth $53 billion worldwide.

The value of global markets for carbon dioxide, says the group, rose by about nine percent last year, bringing the total to just shy of 50 billion euros. And this amount is expected to climb even further in 2016, as the United States and other North American countries are forced into the new “global warming” paradigm of carbon taxes and credits.

North America is precisely where the biggest gains in CO2 value were seen in 2015, rising an astounding 220 percent to about 10.6 billion euros compared to 2014. This is due to the massive expansion of the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) scheme, which now covers transportation fuel emissions.

Also known as “cap-and-trade,” the scheme involves government-mandated use and emissions restrictions for CO2, a concept that stems from the idea that carbon dioxide is somehow responsible for a disastrous situation known as “climate change.” But rather than focus on the worst climate offenders – which include factory farming, confined animal feeding operations and industrial chemicals – cap-and-trade initiatives are targeting everyday consumers.

The program has also been accused of making climate conditions worse, due to the fact that it’s routinely abused as a way for corrupt entities to make money, while doing little to curb environmental pollution. We’ve been saying this all along – that, and the fact that carbon is good for the environment, when properly sequestered in soils where it should be. Instead of mitigating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (which is not harmful anyway, without CO2 nothing would grow) Cap-and-trade has led to more pollution, carbon emissions.

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