Turkey Detains Russian Ships In Black Sea, Claims Moscow Is Militarising The Bosphorus


Image source: Syrian Free Press

Probably the only thing that has stopped Putin reducing Ankara to rubble is that Turkey does have one trump card when it comes to dealing with Russia in the wake of Edrogan’s ordering the shooting down of a Russian Su24 over Syria. The Turks could move to close the Bosphorus Strait, which would, temporarily at least, cut one of Moscow’s key supply lines to Latakia.

Such a move would probably be illegal based on the 1936 Montreux Convention, but as Sputnik News commented, “in times of war, the passage of warships shall be left entirely to the discretion of the Turkish government.”

Obviously, Turkey and Russia haven’t formally declared war on one another (yet), but the plane “incident” marked the first time a NATO member has engaged a Russian or Soviet aircraft in more than six decades and given the seriouss of that alleged crime, one would hardly put it past a nutcase like Erdogan to start interfering with Moscow’s warships, especially if it means delaying their arrival in Syria where the Russians are on the verge of restoring an Assad government that’s Turkey despises, to the whole nation.

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