“Terrorist” With Machete In London Subway Slashes Man’s Throat Screaming “This Is For Syria”

The chatterati contstantly tell us, “not all Muslims are terrorists.” That is perfectly true of course, just as it is true that not all unmarried Muslim women are virgins (I speak from experience). However people are right to be wary, especially in the current social climate.

Less than a month after the Paris shootings left 129 people dead in one of europe’s major capitals and only days after Muslim fundamentalists shot fourteen people dead and wounded many in San Bernadino, California, we read of this small incident in Lodnon.

from Zero Hedge

Less than a week after the San Bernardino shooting, the ghost of ISIS terrorism has finally landed in London, where moments ago news broke that a man wielding a machete screamed “this is for Syria” before slashing a person’s throat at London’s Leytonstone subway station, and attacking up to three people.

Follow the link above to read more or see video. It is understandable, I think, why people are becoming more hostile to Muslims who make their faith obvious in public. Pretty young woman who wear short skirts and high heels, put on make up and go out with their luxuriant black hair uncovered are nowhere near as intimidating of course.

Instead of accusing people in secular nations of “Islamophobia”, our politically correct friends would do better to encourage Muslims living in the west to accept our customs and values. There is no need to go as far as Hayat (sic) did, but they can meet us half way.

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