Postal Voting Has Given Us Third World Politics

by Paul Nuttall, UKIP Deputy Leader, Breitbart London, 6 December 2015

Politics can be a rough old game. The highs are high and the low can be very low. We’ve had some fantastic highs in UKIP over the past three years, such as the local elections in 2013, winning the European Elections in 2014 and then going on to win a number of by elections. As for the lows, it hit rock bottom for me in the early hours of Friday morning in Oldham.

For the first time I actually questioned whether I wanted to stay involved in politics. This wasn’t because I was depressed about the UKIP result and victory for Labour’s Jim McMahon (pictured above with Jeremy Corbyn), as I actually predicted that we would get around 25 per cent and finish second at the start of the campaign. It was because I witnessed an absolute affront to British democratic traditions.

At the count on Thursday night, I had UKIP counters coming up to me literally in a state of disbelief after witnessing box after box come out almost exclusively for one party – the Labour Party. Some boxes were literally over 95 per cent Labour.

The local Conservatives who we were chatting to were a frustrated bunch and have complained before about the situation, but equally they are resigned to the fact that “this is how it works here.” A local Lib Dem by election organiser, who I have known on the by election circuit now for over five years, also said to me: “Well what do you expect Paul? It’s Labour and it’s Oldham.”

Personally I felt physically sick and actually did a couple of interviews where I think I was still in a state of shock.

After a few good sleeps and a lot of reflection, I no longer feel depressed about what happened, I feel angry.

Angry that democracy in our great country could have stooped so low. Angry that we allow this kind of manipulation and don’t kick up more of a fuss. Angry that an alien form of politics has been allowed to highjack our political system and angry that the politicians at Westminster on the red side condone this and the blue seem to turn a blind eye. READ MORE >>>

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