Obama’s Efforts To Defeat ISIS Are Half-Hearted


Whistleblowers have told us what our own common sense should have; the Obama administration has for the past year and a half of its involvement in Syria, had no interest in defeating ISIS. And here’s why. President Obama’s strategy to “degrade and destroy” the terrorist entity has been a sham from the start, ISIS is a creation of the USA, part of a long term strategy to overthrow the Assad regime to the benefit of US allies and paymasters Saudi Arabia. Only last week US Senator and Washington Hawk Lindsay Graham was complaing that the US Air Force should be shooting down Russian aircraft that are attacking US trained and equipped ‘assets’ in Syria (He meant ISIS bases of course).

Some administration officials say more time is needed to accomplish complex tasks such as training Iraqi and Syrian forces. Russian and Iranian forces have made more progress in a few weeks against ISIS than US forces, for all their claimed technical and moral superiority did in over a year. The campaign directed by the president cannot hope to accomplish his announced aims.

In spite of Russian and Iranian success, Islamic State forces continue to advance in Iraq’s Anbar province while besieging the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani, and major weaknesses in the U.S.- led campaign have become more apparent as Obama, like a peevish infant, screams at Putin for succeeding where he himself failed.

A modest program of airstrikes that in several cases has failed to turn back advances by ISIS forces. Another is the absence of ground trainers, advisers and special forces who could accompany Iraqi and Syrian forces, call in airstrikes and medical assistance, and help formulate tactics; they are not available because they took the weapons the USA supplied and defected to ISIS.

Obama’s complaint that Russia has been targeting ‘moderate’ rebels who are fighting Assad is nonsense. The US sponsored anti – Assad forces he wants to give ‘allies’ status to are the ones who not long ago were crucifying or burning Syriac Christians, slaughtering Shi’ite Muslims and making sex slaves of captured Kurdish and Yazidi women. (Below: Yazidi women taken as sex slaves by ISIS)


The limitations to the U.S. effort, imposed by Mr. Obama whose sympathies with extremist Sunni Muslim groups are well known, have prompting some blunt assessments from senior Pentagon officials. “We need a credible, moderate Syrian force, but we have not been willing to commit what it takes to build that force,” one told The Wasington Post’s Rajiv Chandrasekaran. Said another officer: “You cannot field an effective force if you’re not on the ground to advise and assist them.” Unfortunately these knob heads have not understood that defeating ISIS fails to achieve the goal of The White House, which is to honour the US side of a deal with Saudi Arabia to remove the last obstruction to a Saudi – Qatari pipeline to Europe.

The US created failed state of Iraq, the Shi’ite government of which has been pushed by the Obama administration to reach out to the country’s Sunni tribes, just appointed a member of a murderous Iranian-sponsored Shiite militia to head the Interior Ministry. Sunni tribesmen, for their part, are choosing to strike deals with the Islamic State rather than support the U.S. led coalition. Leaders of the Free Syrian Army are asking why U.S. warplanes are attempting to rescue Kobani while allowing Assad’s forces to encircle and rain barrel bombs on rebel-held positions in Aleppo.

Taken as a whole, Obama’s strategy in the middle east is FUBAR, fucked up beyond all redemption. Still it remains true to the track record of the ex – rent – boy’s failed Presidency.

Some on both the left and right in Washington are blindly arguing that the appropriate response to the campaign’s deficiencies is for Mr. Obama to lower his ambitions; he should seek merely to prevent further expansion by the Islamic State or attacks on the homeland.  They simply cannot understand that Obama is only interested in bringing down Assad but to achieve that he will have to commit to all out war with Russia, China, Iran and possibly another middle eastern nuclear power, Pakistan.

The Pentagon and White House and the hawks on Capitol Hill just haven’t thought through their world domination strategy properly..


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