Forget The Bankers, Greedy Public Sector Bosses Must Be Held To Account

Kudos to that left wing hate symbol The Daily Mail today (print editions only), it became the first paper to run a major investigative piece on the extent to which the self serving scumbags who run our public services dipping their snouts in the trough filled by our taxes to fund their corrupt and lavish, luxuries on expenses lifestyles. The dodgy expenses claims they file (and approve for their mates) make MPs expenses look like petty cash. The crooked, Labour voting, Unite union supporting troughers include:

Police bosses – paying themselves record salaries and pension contributions whilst reducing police cover and ignoring many crimes
NHS Fat Cats – happy to hand out free treatment to foreign visitors whilst slashing basic services, increasing debt and all for massive pay deals and expenses
University Vice-Chancellors – the country’s international scammers, flogging basement education in return for visas to foreign students; so lucrative has this vile and corrupt misuse of higher education become that every hairy-arsed agricultural college in Wales now has a ‘London campus’; the VCs are raking in massive pay and bonuses
Council Chiefs – doing less and less (except Child Protection, where ever more money is spent) yet paying themselves more and more.
And of course the heads of those QUANGOs that call themselves charities whose self interested activities The Daily Stirrer, ahead of the curve as usual, reported a couple of years ago.

Let’s be clear. These are NOT market driven reward packages that outrage so many people when financial traders pocket them, these are bonuses public sector fat cats award themselves for turning up and counting paper clips every day. There is no shortage of capable people who would do these jobs at a fraction the cost. The post holders are not going to be head hunted and disappear overseas; they’re mediocre middling bureaucrats, clerks, not hedge fund managers. They do not take risks, hate making decisions and their greatest fear is that one day they might have to GET SOME FUCKING WORK DONE!

And yet they pay themselves vast and obscene sums simply because they can.

It really is time we capped public sector rewards by law and scrutinized public sector managers as closely as out leftie friends would have people in investment banking scrutinized. The bankers may be shits but at least they bring money into the economy.

Greed Of The Public Sector Fat Cats – Daily Mail


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