Chinese ‘Military Assets’ En Route To Syria?

Earlier today Boggart Abroad reported that Vladimir Putin’s decision to support Russia’s ally Syria with aircraft and ground troops in the fight against ISIS, in spite of US outrage at the move signals the beginning of the end of Washington’s regime change campaign to remove the Assad regime.

The Kremlin’s announcement came alongside reports that Russia and Iran are united in their determination that Assad will not be replaced by a US puppet government in Damascus.

The only thing that could make the bad situation the Obama administration has created in the middle east any worse would be for China to step up to the mark in solidarity with their allies Russia and Iran.
And now we learn from pro-Assad Al-Masdar news

Must admit we didn’t see this one coming quite so soon, although it was always on the cards somewhere down the line.
Obviously the Russians and Chinese have noticed that Obama talks a good campaign but craps himself when action is called for.

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