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Russian aid to Assad’s fight against ISIS is counter productive says Washington

The Pentagon and State Department, echoed as usual by the mainstream media, are, it asppears, a bit miffed not only that Russia is supplying the Assad regime in Syria with arms and allegedy combat personnel, but also that since the Russian assistance started arriving, Assad’s loyal troops have made more proghress towards pushing ISIS out of Syria that the US led ‘coalition’ (the FUKUS axis) had in over a year. Russian deliveries of the tanks, fighter aircraft, surface-to-air missiles and other military equipment with the latest military technology to Syria appear to have swung the balance in favour of syia’s legitimate government. In what could be interpreted ass an admission that Washington is really on the side of the ISIS Islamic terrorists, the use of the term “counterproductive,” can only mean working against the Obama administration’s agenda.

The Pentagon is reported to have said these shipments (which they’ve tried to thwart by instructing NATO allies to deny delivery flights through their airspace) are likely “to prolong the war” in that tragically suffering country. Cable news anchors, with furrowed brows and glaring eyes, warn their viewers that Moscow’s stepped-up support for the Assad regime is a “worrisome development.”

Call us old fashioned if you like, but we would have thought kicking the arses of ISIS and Al Nusra is the quickest way to end the war, while supplying the Islamist forces with weapons, funding and military advisers as Washington has been doing, can only prolong it. Unless of course that closet Muslim dickhead Obama was planning to supply ISIS with nukes so they could end it very quickly.

Russia Sends Arms as Signs Grow of Shift in Syria War

By Maher al-Mounnes

Damascus: Syria said Tuesday it had received sophisticated new arms from Russia, including warplanes, and deployed them against jihadists, as signs grew of a major shift in the country’s four-year conflict.

A senior military official told AFP Damascus had received a fresh batch of arms, including at least five fighter planes, while a monitoring group said there had been a marked increase in regime attacks on the Islamic State group.

The deliveries came amid a rapid Russian military build-up in Syria, with US officials saying Moscow had deployed 28 combat planes and begun drone flights in the country.

The war in Syria has taken on a new dimension in recent days as Moscow has moved to boost its military presence there, raising deep concerns in Washington.

The Syrian military official said the new warplanes had arrived Friday along with reconnaissance aircraft at a military base in Latakia province, the traditional heartland of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Damascus had also received “sophisticated military equipment to fight IS,” including targeting equipment and precision-guided missiles, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The new weapons had already been deployed against IS in the cities of Deir Ezzor and Raqa, the jihadist group’s de facto capital in Syria.

“Russian weapons are starting to have an effect in Syria. We’re not going to sit around'” the official said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said new Russian equipment was being put into action, with at least 38 IS fighters killed Monday in air strikes in jihadist-held towns in central Syria.

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Syrian regime air strikes kill 38 IS fighters
from Yahoo News

Beirut (AFP) – At least 38 Islamic State group fighters were killed in air strikes by the Damascus regime against three jihadist-held towns in central Syria, a monitoring group said on Tuesday.

Monday’s strikes hit Palmyra and two other towns in Homs province, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights director Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP.

The Syrian air force has been increasing its strikes against IS in recent days as it received reinforcements from Russia, he said.

“The number of raids is growing and the strikes are more precise after the Syrian air force received arms and more efficient planes from Moscow,” said Abdel Rahman, whose group relies on broad network of civilian, military and medical sources inside Syria.

Experts close to the regime have told AFP that Russia has sent advisers to train Syrian troops in the new weapons, in particular short-range air defence systems and tanks.

US military officials told AFP on Monday that Russia had deployed 28 combat planes in Syria, in the latest move in Moscow’s increasing military presence in the war-torn country.

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