German Government Evict Poor Germans From Their Homes For Migrant Asylum Seekers

This is a digitally captured video of a news report on Federal German government plans to evict low income and unemployed German citizens from their homes and replace them with Middle Eastern ‘asylum seekers’ (handout seekers). This news story was first broadcast on a German Left-leaning TV station on August 28, 2015. It’s original title: The most poor of the poor have to vacate their homes for asylum seekers.

We have previously reported on pensioners and disabled people in Sweden being evicted from secure housing units that had been reallocated as accommodation for refugees.

How long will it be before the decent people of Europes nations rise up against the treasonous elites who evety day betray the people in whose interests they should govern, evict the ruling class from their luxurious homes paid for by our tax money and exile the croooked fuckers to some third world cesspit where the locals will greet them with open knives, saute the whole sack of rogues and eat them for lunch.

Remember as you watch, this item on problems caused by immigrants was broadcast by a left wing TV news channel and is heavily spun towards sympathy for people who enter Europe illegally and shows little support for the human righhts of German citizens.

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Sweden’s Immigration Obsession Drags It Towards Dystopia


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