State Department Warns Americans to Get Out of Libya Now

The Daily Stirrer warned you in 2011 what the consequences of bombing Libya would be. Unfortunately, after making a stupid, provocative speech in Cairo that was widely praised in US and European media, Obama’s belief that he is President Of The Entire Univertse and Everything Else Besides was boosted and not only did his FUKUS axis bomb Libya, he tried to overthrow Assad in Syria too, and kicked off a bloody and brutal regional war.

From Pajamas Media

The State Department has warned all Americans in Libya to get out of the country “immediately.”

The new travel warning stresses that “extremist groups continue to plan terrorist attacks against U.S. interests in the Middle East region, including Libya.”

“The Libyan government has not been able to build its military and police forces and improve security following the 2011 revolution. Many military-grade weapons remain in the hands of private individuals, U.S. and UN-designated terrorists, and other armed groups, including antiaircraft weapons that may be used against civilian aviation. Crime levels remain high in many parts of the country. In addition to the threat of crime, the threat of kidnapping is high and various groups have called for attacks against U.S. citizens and U.S. interests in Libya,” the warning states.

One U.S. citizen was killed in a January attack at the Corinthia hotel in Tripoli. ISIS claimed responsibility.

“Because of the presumption that foreigners, especially U.S. citizens, in Libya may be associated with the U.S. government or U.S. NGOs, travelers should be aware that they may be targeted by violent extremist groups seeking to injure, kidnap or kill U.S. citizens, and should act accordingly with extreme caution,” the State Department said.

Embassy operations in the country were suspended in July 2014 — nearly two years after the Benghazi attack and murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens. Diplomatic operations for Libya are now based out of Tunis.

Read more: Pajamas Media

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