Swedish Immigrant Street Wars Spread: Stockholm Grenade Attack Follows Kurd-Turk Migrant Clashes

Violence between migrant gangs of different ethnicities vying for territorial rights to run organised crime has become the norm in Malmo, southern Sweden. Now it appears that as a consequence of the Swedish loony left government’s insane policy of flooding the country with third world migrants without carrying out background checks the social breakdown has spread to the country’s capital city, Stockholm.

A number of suspected grenade attack explosions have rocked the Stockholm area over the past few days, echoing similar attacks in Malmo where immigrant gangs are at war over ancient tribal and religious hatreds, political grievances imported from barabarian third world societies and territorial rights to run the drugs, prostitution, illegal gambling, contraband, kidnap and extortion and human trafficking businesses.

What? You thought all those lovely, quaint ‘refugees’ were engineers, brain surgeons or scientists? Well that just demonstrates the folly of believing anything you read or hear in mainstream media news.

The small Swedish city of Malmo has become associated in the minds of Europeans concerned at elitist political leaders’ determination to flood working class areas of Europe’s cities with unskilled economic migrants from backward nations, with the seemingly ubiquitous brutality and barbarity immigrant ethnic groups in Sweden in recent months. Almost 40 hand grenade and other detonations have been recorded by police this year. Such attacks, where property and vehicles are attacked in the dead of night, appear to be tit-for-tat reprisals between criminal gangs of ethic minorities are new to Stockholm, which has now seen two explosions in the same neighbourhood in three days.

A grenade attack on Monday (14 September), which took place outside a Kurdish KPP office just before two o’clock in the morning left no casualties, but destroyed the office and damaged nearby property. Violent Turkish – Kurdish gang battles had taken place in the city centre only hours before. Police have refused to comment on whether the events may be linked, reports evening newspaper Aftonbladet.

On Sunday afternoon, thousands of Kurds and Turks clashed as both groups protested in the Sergel Square near the main railway station. The event soon became violent as stones and fireworks were thrown between the sides and fighting broke out. Police moved in to calm the situation but were unable to prevent serious violence, with citizen-shot videos being rapidly shared on social media showing officers beating protesters to the ground while being pelted with objects.

Fighting over territorial disputes taking place over 2,000 miles away, the imported conflicts of Turks and Kurds in Sweden are echoed anywhere in Europe where mass migration has become the norm.

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