Obama Says If Syria Tries To Defend Itself Against US Air Strikes, US Will Attack Syria

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We told you back in 2008 that Barack Hussein Obama was an insaniac who would not be content with dividing America socity and junking the American economy, but was so crazy he would not be content until he had a) Been proclaimed President / Emperor of the entire universe and everything else besides.

Syria is the war Barack Hussein Obama has always wanted of course. From when he kissed the King of Saudi Arabia’s ring he has been on a mission to destroy secular Muslim dictators and replace them with fanatical Wahabi Muslim fundamentalist theocrats. I know people who still insist he’s the Obamessiah come to earth to lead us to an era of peace and prosperity, but just examine his track record. When he took office the allies were doing OK in Afghanistan, in the cities at least girls were allowed to get an education again (as they had been when the Russians occupied the country), and women could go out alone. Now the fanatical Taliban are preparing to resume their tyranny as soon as US troops are gone.

Iraq was progressing falteringly to being some kind of functioning society again. now it is a fragmented and divided failed state with many local wars going on and a terroris group funded and armed by the US and NATO in control of a large part of the nation.

It goes on, Egypt, Libya, it would be fair to say everything Obama has touched has turned to shite. Fair but wrong. To accuse him of failure is to have failed to understand his goal.

<a href=”http://www.dailystirrer.com/2014-august.shtml#140916-syria”&gt;
<b>Obama Says If Syria Tries To Defend Itself Against US Air Strikes, US Will Attack Syria</b></a>r of the entire Universe and everything else besides or b) Dragged most nations into a destructive global conflict.</p>


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