Astrophysicist Declares GMOs Safe – Is Demolished By A Biologist

Just recently, we read in the alternative news circuit, an astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has been pontificating about Genetyically Modified Crops. What does an astrophysicist know about genetic modification you might well ask. We did.

The answer was unsurprisingly, “Not a lot.” Prof. Tyson , a fan of big government and corporatism (well it keeps the research grants flowing for those scientists whose work is purely in untestable theories and is therefore pseudoscience.

Tyson’s defence of GM crops was based on a dutifil regurgitation of the lie that genetically modifying an organism in the laboratory is no different to the selective breeding practiced by farmers for thousands of years. This is untrue, selective breeding uses seed from the same species (wheat for example) to produce a new strain or sub species, genetic modification takes gentic material from different species, overrides the natural mechanism that would abort a hybrid mutant and produces something that nature could not; a hybrid, part wheat and part apple maybe.

Fortunately a real scientist, Jeffrey Smith, was on hand to demolish Tyson’s claims that there is no scientific evidence of Genetically Modified Orgamisms posing a risk to health or the environment. Read the rebuttal HERE.  And you might like to glance at this catalogue of independent scientific studies which suggest there are very serious problems with GM technology.

I’m a telecommunications person, not a biologist or an astrophysicist but from remembering my high school biology lessons of 50 years ago and applying that to what I read in newspapers, magazines or online, it seems I know more about biology than our astrophysics professor. I also know something he doesn’t about astrophysics …

Oi, Tyson, Star Trek was not an effing fly on the wall documentary, it’s pretend. Now forget all that theory bollocks and get some work done that is relevant to the real world you wanker.

The GMO battle goes on, one one side the corporate funded, government backed, global government supporting science lobby, on the other the part of the biological research community that still believes in hontesty, integrity and objectivity, supported by the masses of ordinary punters who support common sense solutions and whose suspicion of big money science is based on its track record of disaster, catastrophe and unforeseen consequences. Say no to GMO.


One Response to “Astrophysicist Declares GMOs Safe – Is Demolished By A Biologist”

  1. Kim Says:

    GMO are very bad for your health…..!!!!!!!

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