Labour knew immigration was out of control seven years ago, Ed Miliband admits

.Labour knew that immigrants were flooding into Britain in far higher numbers than anticipated by 2005, Labour leader Ed Miliband, backed by former home office minister John Denham admitted today.

Mr Denham, now permanent private secretary to the Labour Leader, said it was clear seven years ago that estimates for numbers of migrants coming into the country were ‘vastly wrong.’  The Labour MP for Southampton said: “We were advised about 15,000 and about that came to Southampton alone in the first 18 months.”

Asked when he was first aware of the problem he added: “I think for me in really 2005. It was then it became clear that the estimates we relied on were wrong. “What we are acknowledging today is that far more people came in far more quickly than people anticipated.”

The last Labour government oversaw a liberal immigration policy that led to the arrival of hundreds of thousands of workers from eastern Europe.

Fre immigration, a home and a nice comfortable income couresty of the state have, according to many in the Labour Party, always been the right of anybody who wants to come and live in Britain. Showing their usual contempt for the British people, British law and any kind of logic or common sense these had wringing morons are quite unable to see that their stance which they claim is a question of human rights actually infringes the human rights of far more people that it benefits.

The greatest good of the greatest number has never been a consideration for the left of course, their only concern is to be “seen” to be good, caring people. The good opinion of their peers is far more iportant to them than championing the cause of the working class whose interests they claim to champion.  It is any wonder then that the real working classes, while continuing to vote Labour to keep the goverbnment handouts flowing, actually despise these middle class lefties more than they ever despised the old aristocratic ruling class.

A word in closing. Ed Miliband is making some good decisions and showing that he possesses a fair measure of common sense and is in touch with the mood of the country. It is a pity those qualities are likely to get him removed as Labour leader before the next election.

In a speech on immigration today Mr Miliband will admit that Labour got it wrong. The Labour leader will say that while middle-class households benefited from mass immigration to Britain their working class counterparts suffered. Mr Miliband will admit that the influx of cheap workers was good for the middle classes who wanted a new conservatory but bad for the British labourers who built them.

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