Brace Yourselves For The Solar Storm

Look in some parts of the internet and you might well think gay rights and single sex marriage are the only problems humanity has to deal with at the moment.

Look in others and you might well be swept along on a tide of irrationality and hysteria with the people who beleve one more lighted candle will plunge the world in to a Carbon Driven Armageddon the prospect of which gives AGW alarmists wet dreams.

In other places still you could gain the impression that everything is going well and all threats to human security will vanish allowing the world to become a socialist utopia just as soon as every single human on the planet opens their heart and accepts Barack Hussein Obama as their messiah.

All the time while we fret and worry about thse trivialities the great dragon nature is hovering over us and on a whim could destroy everything we have done on this little planet.

It probably will not be the solar storm heading our way right now that wipes us out, but the storm will be a reminder of how insignificant we are in relation to the cosmos.

Solar Tsunami On Its Way


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